Graphology Handwriting Analysis 17 The Graphologist’s Guide A-L – Writing

Since this letter (D) is normally made of connected lines, this technique of writing shows a deficiency in adjusting to what others may do. An inferior script is one that often contains lack of originality, a strong adherence to copybook standard,נערות ליווי ostentation, and usually a slow hand, with words and lines, which entangle. A superior script is one that often contains original letterforms, simplicity, words and lines clearly separated and usually speedy writing. This kind of writing often occurs at puberty or menopause. This writing is found among many male homosexuals. We often see narrow letters widely spaced, or wide letters closely following each other. A narrow initial letter of a word betrays particularly the socially timid. Consider the letter that is called a block letter. Most books use block letters,נערות ליווי and this may be an unconscious imitation. Picture capital letters, which are excessively large. The letters a and o are both middle-zone letters, but upper zone and lower zone letters also belong to this category, providing that they have round parts in the middle zone; for example, the letter d.

Consider the oval letter open at the bottom. Since the capital letter reflects the ego, this low bar hints at reduced self-esteem. A similar meaning is indicated when the A bar strongly descends -its very direction implies that the writer is down in the dumps. Note: If an individual’s handwriting tends toward a specific direction in one particular zone, it indicates a strong meaning. What the graphologist is really seeking in analyzing handwriting are the writer’s personality traits. To judge, forנערות ליווי example, the width of a letter in an individual handwriting, we must know the penmanship models on which this handwriting is based. Imagine the left leg longer than the right, as the letter we spoke of above, but it descends deeper. Picture the angularly shaped letter ©; this shows what an angular shape represents; speed. The shape itself looks like a side view of the human brain. The shape itself looks like a building brick. Like the low t bar, it shows an inferiority complex.

When the beginning stroke touches the top part of the letter, like a weight of some kind pressing down on it, it shows the writer’s difficulty in handling his concerns. Picture no end stroke to the letter. Imagine the letter (e) written with a loop and itself in the form of a garland.Garlands indicate friendliness. Consider the capital A in the form of a small a. However, it should be noted that inferiority feelings and temporary depressions also express themselves in small minimum letters. Distortions in the lower zone or strangely shaped letters show a sex life that is of an uncommon sort, but not necessarily homosexuality. If you enjoyed this short article andנערות ליווי you would like to receive additional information concerningנערות ליווי kindly visit our own web site. When the letters are connected, it shows the power of deduction. Consider the letter A. This letter has two factors that we are concerned about. Picture the letter that shows a large loop with a knot. The loop is similar to the underlength of the g and suggests masculinity.

Picture an underlength that would underline the rest of the word. It shows one, who is willing to undertake a new project of some kind, though it may be risky. The homosexual who does not consider homosexuality strange will not reflect this in his writings. If only one of these signs appears-and especially if it is relatively infrequent-, we see someone who is trying to appear cultured, but is not quite. We see the individual standing alone. You can almost see him bowing to the audience as he makes this flamboyant upward stroke. Imagine the round beginning stroke. Imagine this letter superimposed over the body of a person. Because of the position he gets himself into, the writer will become argumentative when the person he is annoying flares up at him. This writer cleverly conceals this side of his nature (the opening is tiny), but his motive is strictly for himself, and he is greedy.

The writer is trying to protect himself by not allowing anyone else in. This writer uses logic, building fact upon fact, just as he places letter upon letter. The same interpretation would be true of, say, a capital H: This thin capital also implies that the writer is shy. When there is a combination of these writings, sharp at the top as well as at the bottom, it thus shows the same traits. In addition, here is a piercing, sharp personality, bent on getting his own way. The hooked letter, which is also angular, shows stubbornness. This shows inexactness on the part of the writer, but the fact that he did write the letter in such a manner shows him to be an unusual character. Consider the letter (‘K’) split into different parts. The constant changes in a letter indicate a hypochondriac. Loops made bigger than necessary to read the letter show pride.

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